How can your space empower you?

Your Directional Empowerment

How do you feel within your home ? You may notice you feel more comfortable or favour some spots over others, For example you may have a favourite seat in the living room or you may be drawn to a certain part of the house. This brings to mind the U.S. TV hit comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ where the character Sheldon gets bent out of shape if anyone takes his seat.

The Science:

  • Well actually there is a science behind why we choose one spot over another. Through the science of Vastu and Vedic astrology, we are able to calculate your personal compatibility with the different areas of your habitat. Thereby giving you ‘directional empowerment’.

The Astrology:

  • Any given space is divided into twelve segments. Each representing one of the twelve zodiac signs. Your ascendant or rising sign is situated in the East of your home. Northeast represented by the second and third houses. The fourth house is delineated by the North of your premises. etc.
  • Discover where you are best supported and nourished by the planets and elements in your immediate environment. Your unique Personal Direction is one of eight compass points within any given space where you feel at your best, most empowered and happy. This is calculated using the placement of the Moon planet within a particular nakshatra or constellation in your birth chart

Choose Your Space:

  • Of the eight compass points; four will be positive for you. One especially being your own Unique Personal Direction. Three other which support and nourish you also, but decrease in their ability to do so as they move away from your own direction. The remaining four may make you feel challenged in your daily activities.
  • In which direction of the building do you spend many hours of the day at work or at night in bed?  If you have the luxury of choosing the area in the house or building where you spend most of your time, then of course you would want to be in your Unique Personal Direction as much as practically possible.
  • With this knowledge you can make informed decisions about the way you use the areas of your home or building wherever practically possible. Wherever you are in the world, and whichever building you reside in, you can use this same information as a guideline. Be aware of how the energies influence you. Especially over long periods of time and thus empower yourself.
  •  Here’s an example:

if North is your Unique Personal Direction then how would you feel in all the other directions? See below:

North:  gain, happiness, success                                                      +

Northeast:  comfortabele, financial power                                     +

East:  mental happiness, agricultural wealth, fame                      +

Southeast:  illnesses, use of medicine, loss of health                   –

South:  difficulties because of enemies, political agitation           –

Southwest:  hostilities without reason, expenses, agitation        –

West:  riches and wealth through food, happiness, success         +

Northwest:  fear of death, agitation, responsibility for accident –


 Included free in a Consultation or please contact me for your Unique Personal dirrection

Six functions of Vastu Floor Plans

photo of floor plan

Your Vastu Floor Plans

  1. The floor plans of your building and rooms are converted into Vastu Floor Plan compass point charts. This is an integral part of your Vastu analysis. It is essential to know the relationship between the property under analysis and the orientation of the eight compass points of the premises. (Vastu considers the four cardinal points and the four sub cardinal points; i.e. North, Northeast, East etc.). Once this relationship has been established it is used as the basis for the analysis.
  2. In the creation of the Vastu Floor plans a blueprint of the property is oriented North and situated on a grid dividing the building into 64 energy grid  field for a home and 81 energy grid field for a business. These divisions can assist you in determining the best use of the different areas of your building.
  3. The floor plan is surrounded by plaques depicting the planet, element, ruler (deva) and Avatar associated with each direction. You can explore the qualities of each direction and understand what is has to offer you.
  4. The Vastu Purush; the human shaped deity of the building who is also referred to as the Symbol of Life Space, is depicted on an additional floor plan with his head lying in Northeast and his feet in the Southwest.
  5. The Energy Entrance Calculator is the third Vastu Floor plan you will receive in a consultation. It will show you the quality of the energies as they enter your premises, through windows and doors etc.
  6. Please note where the eight compass points enter through the walls of your building. These points will be used to help you place the respective Vastu Yantras in their own directions

south new cropped


3 Ways To Make Your Business Boom

In the chart below you can see the benefits reaped by businesses with positive Vastu.

The Five Benefits of Vastu Yantras in Your Home

1 inch yantra fan out 3Vastu Yantras are strategically placed in your home or workplace. The act of depicting a Yantra becomes a unique and personal experience for you, as it marks the beginning of your own transformation. They are considered to be the most effective remedial measures in Vedic Astrology and Vastu.

  1. Once Vastu yantras are installed onto your walls, it is as if they become one with your building and begin to benedict you with their power and protection.
  2. Vastu Yantras can affect us positively on all aspects of our life. They strive to bring balance and harmony within our system by working to fill in ‘missing pieces’ of our environment.
  3. They also represent the seven main chakras within our body and can also used as chakra balancing tools, again harmonising and energising your system within yourself, as well as your external environment in which they are placed.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vastu Sacred Mantras
  4. These Vastu yantras are not designed to bring any inauspicious or negative energy to anyone, but rather help us to align the body of our microcosmic living space with the macrocosmic pulse of the universe and it’s source; the Supreme Being, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.                                                                                                               Through the medium of our heart chakra flows love and divine union (yoga) with the Lord in His many incarnations or Avatars.They descend in various yugas or millenniums in order to deliver and protect Their devotees.
  5. Yantra can help to balance your mind by focussing upon it. When installing your yantras so that they become manifesting tools, you can take this opportunity to address the issues in your life that you want to resolve. Let go of the old and make space for your new paradigm shift with the science of these ancient yantras.
  • Change your belief about Money
  • Improve your health and well being
  • Get in touch with your higher or spiritual self
  • Become more aware of your unique gifts and be recognised for it.
  • Create a space in which you can communicate honestly and openly
  • Have more fun and love in your life and so much more.

Consider for a moment what do you want to transform?

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The Fourth Basic Energetic Law Of Vasati

We have mentioned the 12 Vasati laws in the introduction to the twelve Laws of Vasati  in earlier posts and here we are describing the Fourth of the Four Energetic Laws in more detail. There are always many questions about the scientific foundations of Vastu, by understanding these Vasati Laws we can come to appreciate the authenticity of this science. The Fourth basic Energetic Law of Vasati follows on from the First Second and Third Energetic laws and it shows energies change in various areas of any given space.

This corresponds with the Second Law that divides given energy fields (within land, buildings and rooms) into areas with positive energy potential and areas with negative energy potential. This consists of three principles that show how the particular energy potential behaves under the influence: of Water   (first energy principle), of Weights (second energy principle) and of available Space (third energy principle).

Where should water be placed?

  •  The first energy principle is that water increases the energetic potential of any given sector. If water is in an area with positive energy potential, the positive energy of that sector is increased. But if water is in an area with negative energy potential, the negative energy of that sector is increased. Thus water is an energy store and amplifier that receives and emits energy.This quality of water has been confirmed by water researchers like Viktor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk as well as by modern biophoton research (Popp, Ludwig). Thus this natural law of nature guides as to where on a site or in a building water tanks, ponds, cisterns, or waterfalls are best positioned. water in the North, Northeast and East are generally good for enhancing positive energies. However water in the  South, Southwest and West mostly attracts, supports and even amplifies negative energies.

Where should weights or heavy items be placed?

  • The second energy principle is that weight diminishes the energy potential of any given sector in which it is placed. Thus one side of this rule is that heavy items or weights should ideally be placed in the South, Southwest and West of a site or building because it naturally reduces the negative potential in those sectors.The other side of this rule is that heavy weights or items in the North, Northeast and East should be avoided because such weightiness in these areas obstructs the positive energy flowing freely from these directions. Thus in following this principle the Southwest of any room, building and land should be the ‘heaviest’ in weight.

Where should there be more space?

  •  The third energy principle is that the available space increases the energetic potential of any given sector.The general principle is that the energetic potential of any given area becomes stronger if it occupies more space either vertically North or horizontally East. if for example the East area of the house’s plot has more space than the West, the positive energy potential of the East will blossom more than the negative energy potential of the West. In this respect the energy balance of such a house is positive. Similarly if the house is positioned more to the South of its plot than the North, leaving more space in the North, the positive energy potential in the North can manifest much more than its negative counterpart in the South.

How should the building site slope?

  • Thus from this third energy principle comes the natural law that buildings should be erected more towards and upon the Southwest area of a site. This positioning ensures that the negative potential is weighed down or contained and thus the positive areas are free to manifest. It also follows that there should be bigger rooms in the Northeast of the house than in the Southwest. The same rule applies not only to the horizontal extent of the room, building or site but also to its vertical extent.This rule governs that the site should be lower in the East than the West, so that the positive energy potential of the East has more space than the West. This leads to an overall energy balance.                    The North should also be lower landscape than the South so that its positive energy potential is greater than the negative energy potential in the South. Thus the Southwest should have the highest landscape or height in any given space, and can slightly slope downwards towards the North and East, thus leaving the Northeast as the lowest point. The Northwest needs more space than the Southeast  because outer movement manifests as air and is a positive characteristic of the Northwest. In the Southeast, the movement of energy manifests itself internally in the form of heat and fire. That is why the Northwest should be a little lower than the Southeast and not have heavy weight since that would block its outer movement of energy or air flow.

The Fourth Basic Energetic Law of Vasati not only addresses the best places for slopes and the best positioning of buildings upon a plot of land but also shows the best directions in which to have extensions when extending rooms, buildings and sites. This indicates that extensions in the South, Southwest and West should be avoided whereas extensions in the North, Northeast and East are intrinsically positive.

aligning microcosm with macrocosm

The Centre of Your Home

Vastu Purusha 300pxthe centre

The Quality of the Centre

  • The Centre of a building is known as the Brahma sthana or the place of Lord Brahma.
  • Brahma is the sub creator of the universe, and he also resides on the middle of the Vastu Purush’s body in the centre of every building.
  • The other devas or demigods, personalities and sages who are also surrounding the Vastu Purush are all subservient to Brahma, he is therefore given honour and respect in this place.
  • The centre is considered to be sacred space and represents our inner sanctity and inner peace.                                                                                                    
  • The Vastu Purusha (see his image in Yantra above) embodies the spirit of the building and is responsible for its well-being, is centered here. 
  • He supports the convergence of directional energies.
  • He is the Symbol of Life Space and he lies with his head directed towards the Northeast, his feet to the Southwest and his joints are located in the two dynamic directions, the Northwest and the Southeast.

The Do’s

The Best Room functions for the Centre of your home and business;

  • Having an open centre or skylight window to allow light and air from above to enter your space is the best Vastu for here.
  • Meeting, socialising and relaxing with close or intimate friends, family members or business partners.
  • If there is no open space in the centre of your house then use the centre for neutral activities such as as a dining room, living room or spacious hallway or a room that leads to other rooms.
  • A centre roof should slope towards the East and North.
  • The walls in the centre of house should be white
  • In India, the sacred tree, Tulasi, is usually kept in the centre of the courtyard. Circumambulating this holy tree cleanses the aura and uplifts the consciousness.

The Don’ts

  • Avoid keeping heavy storage or immovable items in the centre area since the subtle Ether element needs ‘space’.
  • No clutter and clear space as much as possible.
  • Any fire element here may increase any digestive disorders but of course electricity is unavoidable since it is everywhere, so try to avoid electrical heaters and fireplaces.
  • A kitchen is not positioned auspiciously here
  • Nor is a staircase
  • Nor a bedroom
  • Nor a toilet

The Negative outcome of Poor Vastu Has shown the following problems:

  • Unsteadiness of mind
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Problematic family relations and emotional trauma

For Your Business

  • Creativity stifled
  • Dissatisfied customers and staff

Diseases fostered by long term weak Vastu in the Centre include

  • Digestive disorders
  • Stomach-aches
  • Mental instability

The Vastu Remedies

You may be unable to utilise all of the positive functions for the centre area. However you can by make use of Vastu tools for generating and amplifying all the positive energies the Centre has to offer you.

  • Install the Vastu Purush Yantra (see figure at top of page) at an auspicious day and time in the centre point of your home, either on the wall or ceiling with the head of the vastu purush pointing towards the Northeast.
  • Around the Yantra there is a geometrical structure made of three circles, in which the 32 directions of the sky are named and numbered. This structure has the effect of an antenna and at the same time of a mechanism, which strives to align the microcosm of your living space with the macrocosm of the universe.
  • Attune yourself with the energies of these Yantras and Mantras and go within yourself to become grounded and centred.
  • And try to ensure there is clear open ‘space’ here but this may not always be possible.
  • If that’s the case then it would be a good call to install the activated Vastu Pyramid in the centre of your building. The powerful Vastu Maha Purush Mandala is also contained within the centre of pyramid.

The Positive outcome using Vastu Principles

  • Positive Vastu here can create an environment that is supportive for overall good health, peace within ourselves and in our dealing with others.
  • We can utilise the energy here to get more in touch with our inner peace and calmness.
  • Mental and emotional stability and other positive health benefits are further benefits to be received.

Open and Light Centre

The Northwest-The Direction of Relationships

Relationship Yantra


The Quality

The Northwest, under the sway of the Moon, governs your emotional and mental stability The Moon represents the female principle in the universe and therefore forms the polar opposite of the Sun.The Sun represents the self of the cosmos and the Moon its spirit.The polarity of the Sun and the Moon can also be found in love and willpower, activity and passivity, mind and body etc                                                                                                                                                             The Moon influences your emotional and mental well-being and also affects your intellectual capabilities. Since Northwest area influences the quality of your relationships it equally it affects the success of your business endeavours. This is because communications, personal interaction and exchange of ideas are fundamental building blocks to your expanding business.

The Do’s 

Do extract the colours from the Vasudev yantra when deciding upon the colours to use for your interior decor and especially cream and whites are compatible for the Northwest.

The Best Room functions for the Northwest of your home and business;

  • It is helpful to maintain a flow of activity i.e. as much movement as possible here. This is conducive for generating the vital element ‘Air’ to flow and get important projects moving ahead.
  • It is well suited as a guest reception, or a recreational or social room
  • A Guest room
  • Bookkeeping in a home office
  • Trading /Sales
  • Family meetings; since this is a great area for creativity and exchanging ideas
  • Daily Pantry
  • Playroom
  • Children’s bedroom

The Don’ts

  • Avoid keeping heavy immovable items in the Northwest since the air element needs space for circulation.
  • No clutter
  • Any fire element here will increase your expenses but of course electricity is unavoidable since it is everywhere, so try to avoid electrical heaters and fireplaces.
  • Please try to avoid any missing Northwest segments and corners in the structure of building
  • Northwest building extensions which cause it to be further extended than the rest of the building are inauspicious.

The Negative outcome of Poor Vastu Has shown the following problems:

  • Moody behaviour
  • Unsteadiness of mind
  • Irresponsibility
  • Fickleness
  • Inconsistency
  • Confusing communications
  • Excessive use of alcohol and/or food
  • Problematic family relations and emotional trauma

For Your Business

  • Trading figures down
  • Losses from high expenses
  • Inaccurate bookkeeping
  • Creativity stifled
  • Dissatisfied customer

Diseases fostered by long term weak Vastu in the Northwest include:

  • Respiratory and
  • Digestive disorders
  • Stomach-aches
  • Eye diseases
  • Mental illnesses and mental instability
  • Psychosomatic diseases

The Vastu Remedies 

You may be unable to utilise all of the positive functions for the Northwest area.                            However you can by make use of Vastu tools for generating and amplifying all the positive energies the Northwest.

  • Install the Vasudev Yantra (see figure at top of page) at an auspicious day and time or on any Monday. Sri Yantra can also be installed here where She can assist you with your specific hurdles and blocks.
  • Attune yourself with the energies of these Yantras and Mantras and you can learn to harness the lower mind and access your higher mind.
  • Strategically place either the activated Vastu Pyramid or the Meru Chakra on this point
  • And ensure there is a constant flow of air and movement. You can place a wind chime hanging from the ceiling here.

The Positive outcome using Vastu Principles

Positive Vastu here can create an environment that is supportive for healthy relationships. How?  We can utilise the energy here to get more in touch with our creativity, intuition and improve the effectiveness with which we communicate and exchange ideas. Our business endeavours will naturally be supported with a positive frame of mind. Mental and emotional stability and other positive health benefits listed in organs above, are further benefits to be received.