The Meru Chakra

The Meru Chakra

The Meru Chakra

The Meru Chakra is one of the most valuable tools used in the science of Vasati, along with the Vasati Pyramid. It has arrived through many years of expert research into ancient Vastu shastras.

The Design and Function

This beautiful pyramid is a 3-dimensional form of the Sri Yantra (occasionally known as the Money Yantra). Carefully cast in a highly specialised heavy-metal alloy and plated in 22 carat gold; the quality materials and precise dimensions used in the construction of this yantra help form a powerful tool that will encourage the generation of positive energy flow.

The Sri Yantra is a ‘cosmogram’- a graphic representation of the universal processes of creation, maintenance and destruction. These aspects of the universe are represented by the three circles within the yantra. When these circles are elevated in this 3D form (as in the image above) it stands as a symbol of the Sumeru Mountain balancing the whole universe, and it contains all the worlds situated in the Sumeru Mountain, as described in Puranas. For this reason it is called the “Meru Prastha” or “Meru Chakra”.

44 billion demigods (devas) and demigoddesses (devis) reside in the 44 corners of this pyramid. They are automatically honoured here. They serve the order of the Supreme cosmic creator and maintainer, by carrying out the maintenance of universal affairs. Spiritual revelations are received here. It includes all knowledge and all elements. Some schools of Vedic culture explain that this pyramid becomes Maha Tripur Sundari’s divine abode.

Meru Chakra as a Transformative Tool

As explained in the history of the Vastu Purush, there are energies all around us. The Meru Chakra penetrates the space within where it is placed and transforms energy. How? It creates a subtle field of energy around itself. This energy helps you align yourself and your space with the universal cosmic pulse.

Highly sensitive, with magnificent magnetic powers, the Sri Yantra manifested as the Meru chakra is said to be a divine store-house of energy. When placed according to the guidelines and unlocked with the associated mantra, this pyramid can help to harmonise bio energies and forces that influence us in our environment.

Like an antennae it picks up particular cosmic rays emitted by the planets and other universal objects transforming them into constructive vibrations. These vibrations are then transmitted into the building where the Meru Chakra is placed.

Clear the invisible fog like energies that surround us.

Open up an opportunity for a new way of ‘being’. ‘Being’ by conscious choice rather than out of past negative conditioning. This conscious awareness is to live our lives in alignment with the Pulse or vibration of the cosmic universe.

The source of this pulse is described as the ecstasy of the Supersoul Himself; Paramatma. His pulse maintains the balance of the cosmos. In one part of the spiritual sky He is also called Sri Narayan who is never without His female counterpart Sri Laxmi, who is the primary presiding Goddess of the Meru Chakra.

Where to Place Meru Chakra?

Installing the Meru Chakra in the various compass points of your home brings added specific benefits. Placed in the;  

  • Northwest,  Sri can help you help yourself by looking at yourself within relationships. She can award emotional balance and mental peace.
  • North, this pyramid when programmed correctly can help you improve your communication skills and help with a steady flow of cash.
  • The Northeast of your space is a place of meditation therefore Meru Chakra here will bring overall good fortune. Mental clarity and ability to plan ahead.
  • Placed in the East you can get in touch with a fortitude of auspicious energies generated here for good health, optimism and begin your new projects from here by the blessings of Sri.

More Benefits

“Sri Yantra” literally translates as “Instrument for Wealth”. But while this can be very profitably taken at face-value, there is more to this gift than just money. Just as there is the wealth of the ‘outer’ world reflecting as abundance of resources, there is the wealth of the ‘inner’ world, or an abundance of spirituality.

Sri Yantra, amplified and magnified in its 3-dimensional form as the Meru Chakra, has the potential to bring not only powerful material benedictions, but also support deep transformations in the consciousness of anyone who sincerely wishes to grow and evolve spiritually.

Consider for a moment how you would like your life to be transformed.

Sri yantra


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