How Does Sri Yantra Work ?

Sri Yantra 300px

Sri Yantra

Om Srim Kling Laxmi Narayanabhyam Namah   

Sri yantra repeats the form of the double triangle, enclosed in a lotus within four walls. it is the symbol of Sri Devi in two forms, Her own form and the form of the universe. These two forms represent the inner spiritual and the outer external worlds.


 The Inner Spiritual Aspiration

  •  The highest ultimate object of meditation on this yantra is to ultimately rediscover who I really am on a soul level ; Who am I ? How is my soul connected with the Supreme Soul. Sri or Laxmi may guide you towards liberation but the actual choice of your path would be determined by the strength of your own unique sukriti or spiritual merits.These are accumulated over many lifetimes. If you feel bereft of such merits, then this yantra is a wonderful tool to begin the process of opening our minds and hearts to higher spiritual vibrations and expanding our spiritual bank account.

The Outer External Aspiration

  •  For the most of us, we are perhaps not so attuned to our higher self and our spiritual nature at all times. For this reason we naturally want to enjoy opulences of this world; Improved finances, wealth, power, fame and perhaps to be surrounded by beauty and luxury. These things are very easily given by Laxmi devi. Your sincere and honest approach to Sri Yantra (Sri Laxmi devi) can make your dreams come true, and there is an opportunity to become empowered and distinguished within your status quo.

The Installation

  • During installation of Sri Yantra we are in effect calling or invoking the Goddess with her mantra and asking her to transform our consciousness by displacing our negative traits with our personal positive affirmations. We can express certain ideas and qualities in our life, that we may want to attain or transform. At first the yantra appears merely as lines, corners and petals, but with the practise of the mantra meditations and techniques, we may have inspirational experiences on the subtle or emotional level or perhaps the external manifestation of something desired. The process requires perseverance faith and patience.

                           meditation and seven chakras

  • You can start with a few mantras a day; 3 times a day for absolute beginners and can gradually increase. Some of my clients only do this once, when they first receive and install their yantras. Others who are more determined to really get some tangible result, chant mantras for the first 45 days everyday with noticeable energy shifts.
  • If I am not personally attending your installation, then please do play the Vastu Sacred Mantras CD to familiarise yourself with the pronunciation of these Vedic sounds and simultaneously create a tranquil and meditative mood within your space.
  • This yantra is an ultimate power house and through which all the Chakras and kundalini can be activated very easily. However the precise method and practise to do this is very difficult and still under research within the scriptures. There are various procedures mentioned, but taking up Sri Meru Chakra and Sri Yantra Forms with mantra meditations under guidance of a Vastu pundit, who is familiar with the process of transformation, is an ideal and simple system for present day enthusiasts.

Sri Yantra is many times more powerful in the three dimensional form as the Meru Chakra, which consist of multi triangular pyramids pointing towards positive powers and attracts unlimited abundance.

Sri Yantra is an important tool that acts a catalyst increasing prosperity, good fortune, peace and harmony for anyone using it. I hope you are able to take this opportunity for a step closer to your own divinity and your own material success.

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NB  Sri Yantra is available in the Vastu Yantra set as one of 12 Yantras


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